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Martin Manser runs the following open public courses in central London (click the title of each course to find out more):

One-day courses
Confident written communications
Gain a user-friendly overview of English grammar and a greater understanding of written English, to become more confident and skilful in your writing. If you regularly write for at least one hour each working day, then you will benefit from this course. By attending this workshop you will identify the basic steps in writing clear English in business documents. The differences between different forms of written communication (eg emails, letters and reports) will be discussed. Participants will be shown what common mistakes to avoid and how to plan, organize, draft and check texts, in order to make sure that documents are accurate and clear.

“You even made grammar sound interesting and amusing!”

Effective meetings
When a meeting goes badly, it’s never our fault.  There’s usually at least one other person we can blame. This course is intended for those who want to improve the meetings they attend. This course will help you face up to the fact that we all have a part to play in successful meetings. Includes tuition on chairing meetings, preparing for meetings, participating in meetings and minute-taking.

Effective presentations
So you have to give a presentation in three weeks. Where do you start? How do you plan? What are the key things to remember as you prepare? How can you refine your message? What do you have to bear in mind on the day? What visual aids work best? How do you deal with nerves? This course is a practical introduction that will help boost your confidence and steady your nerves.

“Extremely well-qualified for delivering this type of subject matter.”

Effective project management for beginners
So you’ve just been promoted and are suddenly overwhelmed by having to set up a project. Where do you start? How do you get it off the ground and keep everyone happy at the same time? How do you ‘juggle all the balls in the air’ at the same time? How do you keep your head when problems arise? This course is intended for those new to project management or who want to make their projects run better. This course will help you turn ideas into reality.

“You coped well with a reasonably disparate group of experience and knowledge, and everyone was appreciative of your relaxed yet informative style.”

Effective time management
Time is precious to us all, but few of us manage it well. Successful people often understand the secret of how to manage their time effectively.  This course will give you valuable insights to help you achieve your personal and professional objectives. In this one-day seminar, you’ll receive many time-saving tips on setting personal goals, keeping to priorities, working efficiently and ultimately improving your work-life balance. Sometimes simple habits and remedies can make a remarkable difference to your levels of stress in our relentless 24-hour culture. Take one day out of the office to make every other day count.

“A very motivated and motivating teacher.”

How English works
Do you need to increase your confidence in English? Then this refresher course is ideal. The course covers basic grammar word classes (parts of speech, ie nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc), usage, words often confused, common errors in punctuation and spelling. This course is intended to help native speakers of English and also advanced non-native speakers improve their knowledge of English.

“We had some good feedback on the day, with particular praise for the quality of the paperwork, the meticulous preparation for the day, and the careful explanations of important grammatical points.”

Two-day courses
Effective report-writing skills
Increase your confidence in writing clearer business reports. Ideal for those who don’t know how to start writing a report and also for those who find their reports unfocused and wordy. Covers the basics of all reports and the different stages in the writing process; drafting the text; revising and improving the text; common errors to avoid.

“Martin has a passion to help people improve their writing style.”

“Martin didn’t patronise the participants. This is particularly important in the area of writing skills where participants are often sensitive to scrutiny.”